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Creations by fiction writer Todd G Sorrell

My Style & Philosophy

We all need a place where we can go and rediscover the wonder of the world we live in. 

As children, we enter the human experience believing that love, magic, and the fantastical are part and parcel of the fabric of life.  If it's in our hearts and minds, then surely it exists!  The challenge comes as we venture further down the road, and difficult experiences poke holes in our notion of a loving, fun-filled universe. 

But there is a wellspring of innocence and beauty within us that rises up to defend our belief in a wondrous, adventurous world.  The key is to let the healing waters flow!

I write stories that illustrate the restorative powers within us.  Be a child again, and step into my fantastical worlds.   Because after all, that wondrous world lives within you ❤️

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Current Creations

The Mynah Rhymah

The Cricket in the Thicket

The Frog With a Frown

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When an ambitious mynah bird moves from Maui to Oahu to advance his rap career, he meets a local boy who shows the sassy, smart bird how to improve his rhyme.

Young cricket Lucky Palmeroy hides a secret from his family and friends, and it weighs him down.  Like all crickets, he attends Striddle School where he learns to chirp in preparation for his adult life.  But Lucky doesn't want to chirp;  he wants to sing, and that's not something crickets are supposed to do. 
The only son of Ma and Poppa Palmeroy must decide if he can find the courage to follow his dreams, or continue to hide his true passion.

In this touching tale, a sad and lonely frog is reminded by a wise dragonfly that even the most simple, intrinsic qualities we have make us special and unique. We are all reminded to shed our former negative thoughts and trade them for the treasures within.

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The Frog with a Frown

Paperback, Hardcover, Kindle

The Frog with a Frown

Paperback, Hard Cover, eBook

The Frog with a Frown

Hardcover, Paperback

The Frog with a Frown

Hardcover, Paperback

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"Writing is the geometry of the soul"


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